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Riley (3.12.2012) I love you Puppernutter

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potterheadperspective asked: Life is a Party by aaron carter... rugrats in paris...


I never delete anything from my inbox and I’m cleaning it out rn.
I have no idea what the context of this message is, but I’m going to go listen to that song now.

what the hell is this from?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender (a little rant-y)

I finished the series! I was watching it with a friend/roommate, so it took forever…

BUT i finished it and it was wonderful

not so wonderful, korra.  I did not like the first episode.  very…..x-men ish. the whole benders (mutants) vs non-benders (humans) argument. Very tired

PLUS I am not a fan of the modernization.  I have plenty of ‘modern’ shows with sci-fi/fantasy added.  I like ATLA so much because it had that unique aspect, and now it kinda reminds me of a bunch of other shows and i already am not a huuuuge fan of cartoons/any non human shows…so overall i am not getting inspired to like rocket through it

HOWEVER apparently there are comics post-ATLA finale? I am def interested in reading those!

And some Korra thoughts - she is a little sexually shaped? or is that just me?  I mean i guess ATLA were mainly younger, but idk.  she is all boob and waist and hips.  Kinda kills it for me again.

I wish there was some kind of epilogue or something- i want to know who married whom and get a family tree and ….korra is not what i hoped for

but i will watch it all eventually….so my initial judgement could be totally off?

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